Session 06: Fears and barriers, are they good for you?

Lesson 6

In this finale session you will see how everything comes together

05:00 -  Quick recap and QnA from previous session

09:00 - Fundamentals of this universe, you must watch this if you want to understand the fabric of your past and gain the ability to create new future

25:00 - The 2nd reason why you give up your power and get distracted on your way to your goals because of which you are denying yourself and your family the chance to transform

41:00 - The biggest trap everyone falls and is something no one notices. Once you see it you will be shocked and liberated at the same time.

1:05:00 - What happens when you give up? Even you know that you really do not give up however I have explained how easy it is do the wrong strategy and create an illusion of moving forward. Find out how you can prevent yourself from doing the same mistake.

1:15:00 - What is the fastest way to regain your native ability of creating awesomeness!

1:32:00 - Nobody is born with fears! Yet all of us have it, when do you build these fears into our lives and how you can unravel your fears and become free.

1:39:00 - The only reason you target success is because you feel you have not successful, this strategy always fails you because you are missing the main part of this success equation, something you have forgotten to do for a long time.

1:56:00 - The 3rd reason why you ditch your dreams