Session 05: How to predictably get paid more from clients?

Lesson 5

In this mastermind you will discover - 

07:00 - The key reason how you can effortlessly get things done and boost your profits

25:00 - 7 keys to unleashing your solving any problem you have ever had with money and relationships. Once you handle this then you will be able to scale your business effortlessly until then you will simply move at a snail's pace and end up buying more programs you do not need.

50:00 - The key ingredient to running your business and delivering results for your clients. Once you implement the key ingredient you will easily bring order to confusion and bring clarity when you are talking to your next prospect.

56:00 - What is the quickest way to create your new future? This is my favourite part of the mastermind because when I discovered this back in 2012 my life changed drastically as well, once the building blocks of my coaching success.

1:03:00 - Do you set goals? If you do then this is for you because you will find out the reason why you struggle to hit certain goals and with this fundamentals you can easily achieve your goals moving forward. 

1:10:00 - Why client's pay you money? Define this in your business, once you have it you will simply get your prospects paying you what you ask for and value your skills and knowledge.

1:15:00 - Magnetism and its effects on money! What really attracts money and what chases money away - it is definitely not what you saw on movie, 'the secret'

1:22:00 - Drill: Step-by-step activity to re-establish your dominant ability in yourself (do not attempt to do this without watching the full session)